Last one for today I promise

This is the time of morning when the cat starts to get really obsessive over the birds outside so she sits next to the window and cries

Cute little fruit tiles in a shop which I assume once sold fruit or fruit-related goods

I can't walk past these units and not take a photo

I went to Bunnings via Seddon

Someone on the local buy-swap-sell page was giving away bags of spider plant cuttings so I went and got one. This involved walking through Seddon which I hate because every second house is a renovated weatherboard painted in some on-trend* shade of blue-grey, and they all have vaguely native gardens, and one of those wire Kmart plant stands on the veranda with nothing in it. Seriously people move on and find a new colour! Go for pistachio or pale yellow or seafoam blue or something! And stop shopping at Kmart because that's so lazy

*At Bunnings there was actually a wall of paint sample cards under the title 'THIS YEAR'S TRENDING COLOURS' and they were all blue-grey. Mystery solved 

I hate how close the other side of the road is but to actually get there I have to walk under the bridge to the left (obviously not in the photo but trust me it's there)

That's a lot of parking

I wish this was my regular bus stop. I guess it can be

Great sign placement

Nice tiles

More tiles

I want Milk Vienna bread

Someone jumped the gun on plain tobacco packaging

Most of the shops in this street have a little house set to the side/back, complete with driveway - a nice touch don't you think

A clever intervention


Ok so this annoyed me way more than it should. First up, the sign isn't cute, it's annoying - just be real and write 'We want free lemons, leave them here, thanks.' Secondly I don't think anyone is carrying unwanted lemons around Seddon looking for the perfect place to get rid of them. I bet you anything these people are insufferable and their neighbours probably hate them

The worst thing about this suburb is that people call it WeFo

Someone went and wrote clever remarks all over the graffitied grain wagons but I forget what now. I'll walk past in a few days and update accordingly

There used to be shops here but now they're gone

I don't understand who did this, or why


It was so cold today I wore a leather jacket under a woollen coat

Back to regular programming - things I've seen from a bus or car

One day I really need to get off the bus and go look at this from the other side

Great sunset today

Why don't houses look like this? I'd live here

RIP capsicums

Flour mill in Newport, it's abandoned (see more photos here). I have a lot of stories about this place but the shortest one is that I found a bag containing a handheld radio and a huge spanner wrapped in cloth stashed under some stairs - I obviously took it and the spanner is still in my car almost 10 years later

The sunset mentioned earlier but for some reason none of these images are in order. I'm fine with that