Weird things from Google Maps

See post title

Areas with themed street names are cool - this one is in St Albans

A series of square parks in Kealba

Again in Kealba - why the diagonal line

I just thought this was cool. Also Kealba

I'm going to stop clarifying the suburb for now because you can probably guess this one - I like the little island parks here

We used to drive past this linear reserve all the time on our way to Keilor Downs shopping centre and as a child, I really hated it. No reason really

What a cute little teardrop cul-de-sac and its friend, the other cul-de-sac

How weird is that diagonal boundary - I think this in St Albans

So repetitive. Think this is Deer Park now 

This one is definitely Deer Park. Those streets are the perfect shape for an easy three point turn

Go to Taylors Lakes, then cross the Calder, and you will find this

I don't even have to explain this one do I

I think one person subdivided a lot and then everyone else in the street caught on

Can you believe I have spent my whole life shopping at Airport West* and I only just realised it has an entire substation hidden behind it! 

*Actually a true fact. I don't remember when they did their big renovations but I remember a time before it - there was a palm tree and dim lighting and a World 4 Kids store, a glass roof somewhere, dark tiled surfaces maybe? I cried when we went there next and it was all gone. Same goes for when they removed the mini golf course in the basement at Highpoint



This is my jam - November 2015

Bored with 2015 music (nothing interests me anymore or I can't bring myself to care, hmm probably that) so I'm recycling old favourites and it's fun and comfortable and nice but I guess that's nostalgia for you 

To future self circa 2025, don't forget about this post (or blog, really)

Eight light minutes

The Sicilian clan

Getting closer

Disco's revenge

Cross bones style


What u do 2 me

Ebeneezer goode

Birds lament

And this whole album because why not. But especially Joyriders


Some things

I got a new phone yesterday. It's weird and too big for my stupid tiny hands but means bigger and better photos soon I guess

My bad tooth/gum is playing up and I feel like that lion with a thorn in its paw (now I know why we wasted so much time on fables in primary school). I think it would've been angrier if the thorn was its mouth, and it had to wait until mid November to see a specialist

If that's the worst thing to happen this year, good

Thanks Google Maps for the images below

I thought this was cool. Gilbert Rd Preston

Somewhere in Campbellfield. How's that random house

I just thought this looked good. Either Florida or California, I don't remember


Post title ok

I ran a red light today by accident (I didn't think the lights applied to me [this was at Moonee Ponds junction by the way] since there was a left arrow and a right arrow and I wasn't turning either way but driving straight on, and actually thought I had blocked the intersection by stopping) and I still feel so guilty I had to write it down somewhere so I can stop thinking about it. I think this is the second time I've ever done that (the first being on St. Georges Rd just before the bridge over the Merri, and that was like four years ago).

The start of September marks 8 years since I got my license so I guess these things happen once every 4 years

Oh well here's some stuff



I'm back with nothing to say. I had an epiphany the other night and figured I'll start collating all the weird things I find on Trove here because they're just languishing in a lone folder on my desktop called 'INTERESTING'

I have another folder for weird houses via domain.com.au and also a giant collection of bizarre streetview things. Let's see if I get around to posting any of it

In other news... I got my violin fixed (finally) so I'll start playing that but now I really want a drum kit - I don't think this is a fleeting want? But then I hear the person upstairs learning how to play and it took them 3 months to keep a beat in time so...

I don't know. I think that's it. Anyway have my favourite song of the moment



How weird are these two internal reserves in Albion? I don't know who designed Albion but I like it.


Business as usual

I don't update anymore because I can't think of anything to write. It's a bad habit but whatever.

Life has shifted from grim to just annoying. I feel like I thought myself out of existence for six months and now I'm back and catching up on everything. It is difficult to feel motivated in doing so when I am weighed down/disillusioned by dual burdens of health and broader societal ills

I have been listening to this album a lot - reminds me of summer 2005 when it came out and I started year 10. Weird to think how much has changed in the past decade because it feels like nothing has happened at all.

My other go-to song right now is Hotel California but I'm not even going to try and explain that



Picture unrelated - I just think it's nice. Blog is quiet because nothing interesting is happening aside from having over 15,000 words of good writing for my thesis (so cutting out that 5,000 surplus is going to be a horrible process), and also I got my diagnosis (finally) and have hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility type depending on who you ask. "That's so boring" you think and I agree - sorry - but at least it explains why I have felt so horrid lately and haven't really left the house at all (see: blog is quiet).

I have an intensive subject this week which involves a trip to Port Fairy. I am worried that it might be too much for me (physically/mentally) but I am hopeful that it will be OK. Good thing I like rural towns and muttonbirds

Egg is very missed. The house feels empty. I am looking forward to holidays so I can process everything that has happened since October without the distraction of uni work

Also hi to new reader Isaac, I hope New York is treating you well, I am following your blog