I haven't updated in a while but I also haven't done anything interesting so that's probably the best possible outcome for my very small numbers of readers, as opposed to me doing nothing but still writing about it

My car broke down* but now it is fixed. I went for a drive last night and it was wonderful. I can't believe people actively decide not to own a car but they probably didn't grow up in a one-car-per-person household either

*My brother and I fixed it but I had to go to Springvale via Westall to buy the part, hence some of the photos below. I don't travel to the south-east very often but I may in the future, it isn't bad and I also want to go to the Caribbean market. Still annoyed that I inadvertently drove past it a few months ago and once I decided to do a U turn I couldn't be bothered

I hate the words 'display suite' but this is an example of one. It is abandoned

People get really upset when you say the Drill Hall is in West Footscray

This really weird guy used to live here and once he saw me in the street and asked me if I wanted to borrow a DVD and I said no, I download movies if I want to watch them, and he said he'd lend some DVDs to me anyway. Then he died and my neighbour found his body

First class magpie

Okey dokey brand vs. nice tomato bunch illustration

On the right you will find a concrete batching plant

I'd love to see eight of these massage chairs placed around the world's ugliest dining table

You can't tell but that is a really big fig tree

One from the tram. Love those concrete beams


April tunes posted 6 days into May, sorry

Yeah I actually compiled these songs in April I just forgot to post this thing

I know I posted a Solid Space album here already but this song is great

I'm not going to say this is 'good for a pop song' because I don't want to be the kind of person that says that. Pop music is fine and this is good (how many times have I said something 'is good' - a lot, probably)

Totally forgot how much I enjoyed this when I borrowed it from the Brimbank Library circa 2004

This has been stuck in my head for weeks


I don't want to give this a title!!

Some random things I haven't posted because lazy

I feel like these things used to be everywhere, the bluestone border around the tree I mean. Are they not cool anymore

This had cladding on it for the longest time. I would've taken a better photo but I was holding a giant bag of cat food

There used to be a BP service station here

Wild 900i spotted

I went to the dentist today

My strange addiction: kitsch tea towels

This was sold with the tea towels but I don't think it is meant to be used to dry dishes




Strange features

These streets don't join and I think that's brilliant, if I lived there I'd totally drive over the little grassy bit in the middle

Is this where surplus cemetery-plot dirt goes? Probably. This is the Northern Memorial Park by the way.

There's an interesting story about why this roof includes the words 'GLEN IRIS BRICK CONSOLIDATED LTD' (it's not in Glen Iris, actually in Campbellfield or somewhere like that) but I'll leave you hanging

An interruption, can't remember what - powerlines probably. Nice form


No particular subject

Another thing found in Savers. I should probably get a scanner because taking photos of books is annoying

The book contains two pages with photos of various restaurant frontages and this one is my favourite I think

I wonder where this is, or was. It's also weird that water features fell out of fashion, I remember a very nice one around what was Daimaru or the office tower next door

I bought this excellent tea towel as well, I want to go to Orange World now (it still exists!!)

This place doesn't exist anymore (according to the local paper). There is very little information online but I found the image below, taken from an eBay listing for a set of postcards. Reminds me of the Happy Hens institution near Meredith