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I ran a red light today by accident (I didn't think the lights applied to me [this was at Moonee Ponds junction by the way] since there was a left arrow and a right arrow and I wasn't turning either way but driving straight on, and actually thought I had blocked the intersection by stopping) and I still feel so guilty I had to write it down somewhere so I can stop thinking about it. I think this is the second time I've ever done that (the first being on St. Georges Rd just before the bridge over the Merri, and that was like four years ago).

The start of September marks 8 years since I got my license so I guess these things happen once every 4 years

Oh well here's some stuff



I'm back with nothing to say. I had an epiphany the other night and figured I'll start collating all the weird things I find on Trove here because they're just languishing in a lone folder on my desktop called 'INTERESTING'

I have another folder for weird houses via domain.com.au and also a giant collection of bizarre streetview things. Let's see if I get around to posting any of it

In other news... I got my violin fixed (finally) so I'll start playing that but now I really want a drum kit - I don't think this is a fleeting want? But then I hear the person upstairs learning how to play and it took them 3 months to keep a beat in time so...

I don't know. I think that's it. Anyway have my favourite song of the moment



How weird are these two internal reserves in Albion? I don't know who designed Albion but I like it.


Business as usual

I don't update anymore because I can't think of anything to write. It's a bad habit but whatever.

Life has shifted from grim to just annoying. I feel like I thought myself out of existence for six months and now I'm back and catching up on everything. It is difficult to feel motivated in doing so when I am weighed down/disillusioned by dual burdens of health and broader societal ills

I have been listening to this album a lot - reminds me of summer 2005 when it came out and I started year 10. Weird to think how much has changed in the past decade because it feels like nothing has happened at all.

My other go-to song right now is Hotel California but I'm not even going to try and explain that



Picture unrelated - I just think it's nice. Blog is quiet because nothing interesting is happening aside from having over 15,000 words of good writing for my thesis (so cutting out that 5,000 surplus is going to be a horrible process), and also I got my diagnosis (finally) and have hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers Danlos Hypermobility type depending on who you ask. "That's so boring" you think and I agree - sorry - but at least it explains why I have felt so horrid lately and haven't really left the house at all (see: blog is quiet).

I have an intensive subject this week which involves a trip to Port Fairy. I am worried that it might be too much for me (physically/mentally) but I am hopeful that it will be OK. Good thing I like rural towns and muttonbirds

Egg is very missed. The house feels empty. I am looking forward to holidays so I can process everything that has happened since October without the distraction of uni work

Also hi to new reader Isaac, I hope New York is treating you well, I am following your blog


Giant sandwich

A giant sandwich in Sunshine



This is such a nothing post, so sorry in advance, but I was just briefly bemused by the ever-changing boundaries of the Footscray electorate (this nifty map is courtesy of the VEC and I found it while checking my enrolment details). I like how the electorate was first defined by the Newport-Sunshine freight railway, then Kororoit Creek, and now the Western Ring Road. I would speculate on this being symbolic of the value each feature has (as a place-defining/distinguishing characteristic or landmark) but I'm sure the real explanation is a lot less interesting i.e. redistribution in accordance with population change.

Also interesting to see that the electorate once included the escarpment south of RVE. I wonder why they changed it - anticipated development? RVE was meant to include the escarpment (in the original master plans anyway) so maybe they didn't want to forcibly divide the estate in this way?


Vale Egg

Egg was put to sleep on Monday afternoon after a short struggle with effusive FIP. We found out on Thursday after the vet performed an ultrasound and located a large amount of fluid around her lungs and liver. She was 11 months old and her 1st birthday would've been on the 2nd of November.

We will remember her forever as our puppy cat. The first skill she mastered was fetching a paper ball, although most of the time she would get distracted while carrying it back. She was obsessed with our socks, and would steal them and drag them away to her 'nest' in the bathroom (which eventually came to include t-shirts once she got big enough to carry them). Sometimes she was a little jerk - she would attack my hair and feet if she wanted me to wake up - but most of the time she was lovely. My favourite thing about her was her chattiness: if I meowed at her, she would most definitely meow back, and we would have entire conversations which would usually end with her sitting on me purring. I have so many fond memories of her that these examples don't even begin to describe how good she was.

Everyone who met her loved her and I am thankful for that.

The past week has been extremely difficult. I feel angry, dissociated, incredibly depressed and, at times, completely devoid of emotion. Josh is the same, so at least I'm not alone in this, but the emotional toll is huge. Monday gave some sense of closure but I still wish I had somebody to blame. I think my feeling of injustice is amplified because of our recent health issues - it isn't fair.

Being faced with mortality is a strange feeling. In light of death, everything seems stupid and trivial. I hope this feeling goes away soon.

We retrieved her from the vet last night and the vet nurse I spoke with was the first staff member we saw when Egg got her vaccinations as a baby kitten. He cried and then I cried.

Egg was buried in the garden in Melton at sunset. The sky was filled with bushfire smoke which turned the sun a bright orange. We planted jasmine on her grave. Afterwards my parents picked some lavender and rosemary for us and my dad showed us his bees and we ate wild strawberries. It was nice to be surrounded by life (even if it was just insects and plants, and Charles lurking in the background/rolling in dirt) in such a sad time.

There is more I could say but I'm not sure what. I just miss her a lot. Poor Egg.